So when the main Bash sponsor drops the ball and leaves it sitting in the middle of the playground, what do you do??
You get on the horn and present a golden opportunity to a half dozen worthy people.
This isn’t just any regular ball. This is the golden egg of the Bash. The big one.
I am MIGHTY PROUD to say that the very team I decided to go to work for, decided to pick the ball up and put it back in play. With very little arm twisting from anyone, including me.
And why wouldn’t they?? They are a great company, have great people, and are always looking how to do business, BETTER. Plus, they are local to Lancaster County. It’s the perfect match. They were already on board as a sponsor, and just flowed right into the big shoes.
RTO National will be a hard act to follow. They did a fantastic job in TN. But have no worries, we are in good hands.
Please help me in congratulating, and thanking, SmartPay Rentals of Leola PA in becoming the Competition sponsor of the PA 2021 Bash!
It is going to be a FANTASTIC Bash. Don’t miss it!